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Welcome to the Information Resource Center
The internet's only web-based information/resource locator

This is the place to find help with any questions you may have. As our name implies, we provide research material on a variety of subjects. For example: are you looking for government programs, medical information, educational resources, financial assistance, or maybe something as simple as a newspaper article? Are you in search of a specialty item: a particular product, for example - pet diapers; an unusual illustration or photo - what does a batfish look like? These are the areas in which we provide assistance. We search through thousands of websites to find the specific item that will fit your particular need.

We all know that the internet is a phenomenal tool, but we also realize that it can be overwhelming. Too much information becomes both difficult and time-consuming to sort through - and that's where we come in. Because our staff is experienced in knowing just where and how to search, combined with our low hourly rate, we're able to provide services that are both valuable, and affordable, for everyone.

Dylan Anlon Research Associates, 8 Overhill Ave., Suite 1, Nashua, NH 03064-1664
Phone: 603-821-6575