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Although the end result of every research job is the same - locating the information - the steps taken to arrive at that end differ with each order. For example: while it is relatively easy to locate online news sources for a particular part of the country, or for that matter the world, locating a particular article from a particular publication may take longer. Therefore, pricing is based on a rate of 65.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.

High-speed computers, along with high-speed internet access, combine to make short work of most requests. And here the client can also set the price by limiting the amount of time to be spent in any given area of research.

It is advisable for the client to have a computer with an internet connection, or access to one, as results are submitted via e-mail, most often in the form of links to the sites containing the requested information. In special circumstances, hard-copy printouts can be delivered via mail, however, this option is more costly.

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